students’ hopes for the summer

Last summer, we asked students what they hope to see happen when they go on a summer missions project. After reading these, I am so encouraged by how students around the country are trusting God to do big things in their lives. They are excited to share their faith, to grow deeper in relationship with God and trust him! I hope you are encouraged to go deeper in your own walk with God as well. Praise God for his great work in us!

I want to grow in my faith – I want to be bold and rely fully on God.

I hope to be able to trust in God more & gain more experience sharing my faith.

I realize that a lot of my actions and decisions are made out of fear, fear of what could happen, and these fears are very real to me. I desire to be loved, and to make decisions that are based on trust, and hope knowing that the Lord is going to provide.

I hope to grow in ways I never thought possible. I hope to learn how to share my faith in a way that I haven’t experienced.

Learning more about God and myself, developing more skills to equip me back on campus to share my faith.

I would like to see myself have a better prayer life as well as be more studious about reading my bible and spending time with God. I would also like to be better about sharing my faith with people around me.

I want to gain maturity as a believer by being encouraged and shown how to boldly share my faith, not just told to “go sharing”. I want to gain maturity as a believer by learning how to start spiritual conversations at work. I want to gain closeness and more trust in my relationship with God. I want to gain a security in my identity in Christ.


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