We live and work a weird schedule.

Have you heard of many people who stop working their normal job in mid-May, move to a completely different location for 6 to 8 weeks only to move back to their regular job afterwards? Yet as missionaries with Campus Crusade, that is exactly what we are asked to do every year.

It makes for interesting conversations with our neighbors and friends at church. It is such an odd job requirement, yet it is so valuable! Since college students are traditionally not in school during the summer, our jobs need to change. Taking the summer “off” isn’t an option.

One option is summer mission projects. They are the bread and butter of our ministry. Staff will take 6 weeks and move to a beach or resort area here in the US, or go overseas with students to do ministry. Students will be mentored by our staff, grow in their faith and share the gospel. Over the years, we have spent a few summers this way. We’ve been in resort areas and had students come work in our office, using their media and design skills to create innovative ministry tools. Either place results in students lives transformed by the gospel.

Another option is to participate in leadership development. Theological classes are available to keep us grounded in God’s word. Training and coaching are a great way for us to take the next step in our ministries.

This summer, John and I will be concentrating on this second option. I will be participating in 4 weeks of team leader training. I am especially excited for how this will help me be a better coach and lead the folks on my media team well. I want to see God use our team in amazing ways to reach students. John will be cracking the books to study church history and parts of systematic theology including God, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. He is a bit nervous since he has not taken a class in 14 years.

The training and classes will be held in Colorado. We will live in an apartment across the street from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. After the 4 weeks of training is complete, we will stay for an additional 10 days for Campus Crusade’s National Staff Conference. 6000 staff from the US will be joining us there on the CSU campus. The conference is a significant time to connect, worship, hear what God is doing through the ministry around the world, and look ahead to where he is leading the ministry as a whole.

Would you consider helping us cover the $6000 in additional expenses with a gift that is significant to you?

As you can imagine, packing up and moving to another city to live for 6 weeks is not a cheap endeavor. The costs of getting to Colorado and for the training and classes are above what we normally raise for our salary and regular ministry expenses. But I am sure you will agree that it is worth it! How would your work and ministry change if you had 4 weeks set aside for leadership development!?!

There are a couple ways you can give. The easiest is online: http://give.ccci.org. Or you can send us a check payable to Campus Crusade for Christ.

We are grateful for your ongoing partnership with us. We are definitely in this ministry together and couldn’t do it without you.


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