Ankle is (still) broken!

As Kristin and I prepare to trek across the country in a few days, I wanted to give an update on the current state of my ankle. As it stands, it is still broken. (I’m sure there is a pun in there somewhere). We saw my doctor recently and after two months, it is still hard to tell what the fibula is doing. The break is still evident, but he is encouraged as I have minor pain only occasionally. The plan is to wait until August and see how it is healing then. The good news in this is I am using an air-cast and am able to walk and drive. That is very freeing.

As I have shared in previous posts, I am not sure as to why these medical hiccups have occurred and why my body is experience these difficulties. At times I am frustrated. However, I have experienced a lot of peace as I rest in the Lord and watch him work on my character, patience and understanding of Him. In the end, I think that is a great trade-off—a growing heart focused on Christ in light of momentary struggles.

Thank you for your care! I have received a number of notes, emails and facebook messages. I am grateful for your encouragement and prayers.


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