Summer Project Design Process

Hopefully, you have seen the “Let’s Go” 2012 Summer Project Booklet from our prayer letter or on a college campus near you.

Creating the “Let’s Go” 2012 Summer Project Booklet was a huge undertaking. The creative process can be a daunting one. We spent months thinking and talking about the design before we had anything very concrete to show. (Click on each image to view larger.)

Mood Boards:

We started with looking at other designs—looking for the styles, feelings and moods we wanted to convey.


From the mood boards, we came up with sketches to portray the concepts of the booklet. We also created an outline of the text.

Page Mock-ups:

Once the sketches were approved, we began to come up with color schemes and page mock-ups. Even at this stage, you can begin to see hints or more than hints of the final document. If you have a copy of the booklet, compare these to what you see!

From these mock-ups and feedback, we deepened the color scheme, chose the typefaces, combined ideas from all three styles which resulted in the final design. These designs also fully influenced the website:

It was a great privilege to work with Lauren, Ann and Andrew. 100s of hours were well spent and I am excited for God to keep the project going as students read and spend time with it. We’ll share the stories with you too!

Thanks for making this possible and for helping to send students around the world to share the gospel.


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