God is Greater than… WHAT?

Finish this sentence: God is greater than __________.

Now imagine being with 2400 others finishing that sentence—it’s incredible! And everyone says something different. Can you hear the resolve in their voices as they declare it?

  • God is greater than my future.
  • God is greater than my circumstances.
  • God is greater than my past.
  • God is greater than my sin.
  • God is greater than my present.
  • God is greater than the harm done to me, than my fears, my failures, …

God has used our annual winter conference, IndyCC, as a trail marker of believing God for greater things every year.

Each of the four days of this conference saw resolute commitments of yielding to Christ—mending a broken friendship, reading the Bible, breaking up with a boyfriend, choosing purity, deferring to parents, applying for a summer missions project, or committing to give a year to missions (below).

You would have loved seeing them learn to share their faith for the first time (below) and then doing it out in the community! Or trusting God to overcome a barrier in their lives. Then seeking and trusting him with their future plans. And literally “text in” with how they believe God is greater.

You and I, together, have the privilege of seeing God at work in these lives as well as ours. You share in these eternal rewards—this is lasting fruit.

Thank you for journeying with Kristin and I as we help show our students a clearer picture of who God is and what His Kingdom is all about.


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