Responding to God

At IndyCC, students respond to God’s truth in their lives. Here is what a few of them said as students texted in their response to “God is Greater Than…”

  • than my pride and fears. I lay my life down to God, that He may use me as a light in this dark world.
  • than my sin and any feelings of being incapable of either being in the workforce or called to minister in any way
  • than my parents resistance to Christianity. I will shine the Light He gives me. You must become more and I must become less.
  • than my desires and my sin, my inability to trust. You have control.
  • than my security and comfort of things familiar to me.
  • than spreading the Gospel to all of Cleveland.
  • than my struggles against my past abuse and against homosexuality!!
  • than the relationship between my boyfriend and I.
  • than all my fears and insecurities.
  • then my depression and anxiety that has lead me to the hospital and back
  • than the lost in Slovenia. He promised he will reach the lost there & I know he will!
  • than my future, my failures or my fears. It’s time to live my life for God and break the connection to things that keep me from that.
  • than my job security. Risking relevance in my career for a year of service to the Lord.
  • than my future plans of interning, marriage and wherever the Lord will take me.
  • than my financial worries concerning a summer project
  • than my relationship with my girlfriend, my future plans of ministry, and controlling my life
  • than all that money I have longed for in my future.
  • than what i think is right for my life, my ‘control’. I will trust God to guide me on a path that’s good, prosperous to the kingdom and His.

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