Football, of all things, is a great analogy for ministry.

The Superbowl left Indianapolis not too long ago. Everyone here reveled in hosting the event and welcoming fans of the game.

Since the Colts didn’t do too well this season, let’s talk about Eli Manning instead. Did you see when Eli threw that pass to Mario Manningham? As a quarterback it’s about knowing and throwing to where the receiver will be.

Ministry, at times, is like a quarterback throwing a pass to a receiver. As leaders, our job isn’t focused on figuring out where students are now. We need to anticipate where students are going to be and take the gospel to them!

Kristin and I desire to be living and working in this realm. We want the results of our ministry to be students hearing and receiving the gospel! For us, this happens as we provide opportunities for involved students to be equipped: whether it’s at a conference like IndyCC, on spring break or during summer project.

This concept may be something for you to consider as you live a life of ministry in your church or workplace. The key is to take the initiative and engage in relationships to share the gospel. We will see lives changed as a result.

Going Deeper: Some key thoughts and questions for you to consider:

  • It’s time to go where non-believers are and take Christ to them. Who are non-believers in your life? How can you bring up spiritual topics?
  • Sharing is not a one-way conversation but an ongoing dialog over multiple conversations. Who are you having ongoing gospel conversations with? Sign up for an email series with ideas for sharing.
  • Our own faith story is not just a decision we made in the past. The gospel story is continuing to impact us and transform our lives daily. What does it look like to share Jesus’ impact in your life today?
  • The gospel is much more than the eternal benefit at the end of life. There is a personal benefit today. Where would you be without Jesus?

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