Let’s Go! Summer is here!

With summer fast approaching, many students are finishing up their classes and looking forward to the warm weather that is just over the horizon. Some will spend their summer in class as they pursue their degree. Others will be working at an internship in their field of study. And for others it may be a simple part time job to put a little cash in
their pockets.

Another opportunity are Cru Summer Projects. We like to say that Summer Projects are bread and butter for the ministry.
    Over the span of a couple months, students who attend have the opportunity to tell others how Christ personally changed their lives and how they too can experience God’s love and forgiveness. They will live in a loving community of fellow believers. They will grow leaps and bounds as a follower of Jesus Christ. Now that is something to get excited about!!!

In light of all these things, Kristin and I look forward to summer with both great anticipation and excitement. This summer, more than 800 students from campuses throughout the Midwest will be traveling with Cru going to the world with the message of the gospel in hand. Even more will be joining them from around the country.

These students are such a sign of God’s blessing and provision in our lives as well. As you know, a big part of Kristin’s work this year has been creating promotional pieces for Summer Projects nationwide.

And now we are seeing the results as students to go to the world, the cities, even your hometown to share the gospel!

As you prepare for the Memorial Day weekend festivities, please take a moment and pray for them. Pray for them to boldly share the message of the gospel. They carry with them the most powerful story—their own.


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