Maggie’s Story


After spending so much time designing the Let’s Go Summer Project booklet, I was excited for some feedback. Maggie at the University of Toledo told me her story of using the booklet:

“I am such a fan of the booklet. Back in September, I met a girl named Destinee at a party after cru for all freshmen. I was shocked when Destinee started asking me about summer projects but was encouraged to learn that she’d heard about summer projects because so many other students were sharing their positive project experiences with her.

“When we passed out the booklets at our fall retreat, I knew immediately that that’s what I needed to walk someone through a challenge to consider going on project.

“A couple of months ago, I met up with Destinee to get to know her a little more and learn about her relationship with God. I asked her what she thought is her next step in growing in her relationship with God and her response was, “talking with others about Him,” which was the perfect opportunity to share with her about how summer project is such a great environment to learn how to share her faith and develop a personal ministry.

“We walked through pages 9-10, read the Luke passage together and talked about the questions. I think she was especially challenged by the question, “How will others’ lives be different if I go?” because she started to catch a vision for God using her.

“She acknowledged that people she would meet on project and share her faith with could have their lives changed, but then she started to think about her family and other people who could have their lives changed by her influence when she comes back equipped and confident to share her faith.

“Seriously, your team’s work on the booklet and website are amazing. Everything is so compelling and I think it does a great job of helping students catch on to how they as an individual, uniquely created by God, can participate in God’s larger mission of reaching the entire world. Plus, the OCD in me LOVES the organization and symbols.  :-)”


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