Apples are yummy… when they’re ripe.

A few weeks ago Kristin and I were visiting friends who have an apple tree in their front yard. They live on a very high traffic corner and one of the downsides is that a number of passersby often stop to pick an apple from the tree. To their frustration, the apple is often bitter and sour because it is not yet fully ripe. They take one bite and toss it on the ground. Only when the apple is fully grown will it taste sweet and be pleasurable to the palate.

As I was looking at a few apples on the ground, then those still on the branches, I started thinking about students and how we watch their lives transform through the message of the gospel. They have experienced God’s grace and grown in their relationship with Christ over the last four years.  Many have answered the call to be sent to the nations as an ambassador for Christ.

This fall on campus, many students will hear the gospel for the first time. For others, it will be their second, third or even fourth time. The Lord is at work in each of their hearts as he invites them to know Him. Some may reject the gospel and continue to live apart from the Lord. Others will embrace the gospel and experience growth over a lifetime! How sweet that is!

Please join us in praying for the freshman class, the class of 2016. Pray their hearts will be open to the gospel and they will experience the living God.

Kristin and I both want to express our appreciation and say thank you for partnering with us and your investment to reach this next generation of leaders. Below is a collection of just some of the one-year missionaries going to the world. Together, we have sent these laborers to the world! Thank you!


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