A Glimpse of what we do.


As missionaries working with college students it can sometimes be a little tricky for us to let you in on what exactly we do.

This weekend we have a great opportunity for you to have a window in the world of what we are doing and how we serve.  This weekend there are nearly 2000 college students attending IndyCC, the regional winter conference here in the Great Lakes that we help create each year.

This conference is currently being live-streamed over the web and we would love to invite you to participate as much as you would be able. Even as I type this, students are hearing the gospel and receiving him as Lord.

The website for the live-stream is at www.indycc.org/live

Speakers will include Brian Loritts and Paul Tripp among others.

The main sessions that will be broadcast (all times Eastern):
Friday 12/28      7 – 9 pm – Brian Loritts
Saturday 12/29  9:30-11:30 am – Brian Loritts
7 – 9 pm – Paul Tripp
Sunday 12/30    9:30 – 12 am – Paul Tripp
7 – 10 pm – Laura Bordjadze
Monday 12/31   10 – 11:30 am – Mike Erre
7 – 9 pm – Mike Erre

We hope you can join with us and that this will be a blessing to you wherever you are!


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