Photo experience of IndyCC

2000 college students is no small thing. Even better is when they are excited to learn more about God and be moved to action as a result of surrendering their lives to him. IndyCC, our annual winter conference, is often a catalyst to lives being dramatically changed by the gospel.



One student said, “Hands in the air one second, knees on the ground the next. It was such an overwhelming yet amazing experience full of tears, love and hope.”


Author Paul Tripp was among many speakers who shared many thought provoking and challenging questions. 20121229blog3

One amazing moment was when speaker Mike Erre asked students who struggled with believing God could really move and change them to come forward for prayer. Hundreds moved forward and hundreds more prayed over them, asking God to help their unbelief.

20121231blog2  20121230blog5

During the community outreach, students paired up and shared Christ in Indianapolis neighborhoods.20121231blog6 Watch the video.

Students were challenged to live a surrendered life—to go where God wants them to go, do what God wants them to do, give what God wants them to give. More than a thousand signed the pledge.

The week culminated in celebrating and praying for the new year:




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