How are you motivated for God’s mission?

Recently, I have been motivated by multiplication. I never really liked math but the concept of a blessing being multiplied around the world is astounding. As God blesses us, we have the opportunity to bless others.

I have seen blessings go out as the designs my team creates are used in places like New Zealand and England. Or when tools we create challenge students to go and share the gospel over the summer. And I have seen us bless others as we have sent our most valuable resource—people to the world.

Over the last several years I have seen people come and go from the Zero Canvas Team. I hope and pray that their time with us was impactful. I asked a few of them to share how being a part of our media and design team has had an impact on their current work.

Lauren was an intern last year and now works at Goodwill Industries as a graphic designer.


“I don’t think I could have asked for a better job out of college … who can beat working with a team of people passionate for the Lord who love what they do? Today, I see ways that my time with Zero Canvas really equipped me for what I do now. I learned how I can use design to make a difference that’s greater than myself. While I don’t get to directly talk about Jesus in my designs anymore, I do still get to design for Him and because of Him … a motivation that I learned a lot about with ZC. I’ve also been able to take the technical skills I’ve learned with me. While being more spiritually equipped is obviously very important, I think it’s also important to be well equipped to do your job, so I’m thankful for the things I learned in ZC that allow me to be good at what I do now!”

Andrew and Ann were interns together in our office. For their second internship year, they took their design skills to Paris. There they worked as designers to share the gospel with people in the Middle East.  They plan on returning soon as full-time missionaries.

20110908blog1 copy

“Being in Indy was so instrumental to our work in Paris. Since the team in Indy was so developed, we were able to plug in right away and learn the ins and outs of the design world. This equipped us for when we went to Paris and started fresh. Without the year with Zero Canvas we would have flopped, not knowing where to begin. It was great to learn how to get organizational systems in place.”

Michelle was an intern with us for two years. She is now a full-time designer in Chicago.


“Being my first experience in the workforce, the Zero Canvas team taught me quite a bit. I learned how to intentionally blur the lines between sacred and secular work. It’s easy for me to compartmentalize the two. Because of the patterns and habits learned while working with the Zero Canvas team I’m often reminded that I need God just as much at work as when I’m at home. In creativity, in meetings, and in building relationships with co-workers.”

You are a part of this multiplication too! Your partnership with us so integral in this equation. THANK YOU!


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