Josh, Community and Jesus

John and I were watching Community last week, a tv show about students attending a community college. (Yes, we take our research and work seriously.)  In this episode, the group of friends had flashbacks to high school. Troy was the high school quarterback and extremely popular. Annie was a nerd, had good grades and aspired to be named “Most likely to succeed.” Unfortunately for Annie, Troy won every award. Annie felt she deserved to win because she was involved in everything. She yelled out, “I was the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, and I’m Jewish!”

It’s not every day that our ministry gets mentioned on TV. John and I laughed and thought it was quite funny. A couple days later, I thought about it some more and had simple thought—we do not want Cru to be a club that students join to have a well-rounded resume.

It is about something so much greater. We want students to experience and live out the gospel of Jesus. We want students to become life-long followers of Christ so that their families, communities and the world will be impacted for Christ. We want students to be able to declare the gospel to others boldly and clearly.

It’s easy to think God is not at work because we can’t always see it. Believe us, GOD IS AT WORK! In the last six years, more than 381,000 students heard the gospel through one-on-one or small group conversations at mid-west colleges through Cru.


Josh’s life changed at the Big Break evangelism conference in March. Josh was new to Cru and was just getting to make friends with the guys on the drive from Michigan to Florida for the conference. He walked up to his new friends and said he had an announcement to make. “After having lunch with Matt [the conference speaker], I’ve decided to accept Christ. I still have a lot of questions. But I want to move from being someone with a lot of questions about Christianity to a Christian who still has some questions. Community is really important to me, so I wanted to accept Christ with all of you.”

Josh is just one of the thousands of students whose life has been changed by the gospel of Jesus, not some club on campus.


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