Seeing Results

It was our privilege to come alongside a number of Cru’s first-year missionaries this summer as they cultivated a team of ministry partners to enable them to minister around the world.

We coached these passionate and excited graduates as they trusted God to provide for their salaries. There were many opportunities to grow in faith and trusting the Lord as they reached out to friends, family and others to partner in their vision of taking the gospel to the college campus.

We thought you would be encouraged to hear directly from them and hear their passion in reaching students with the gospel.

224039_3804225876272_1274205096_n Tom is in his second year with Cru at the University of Michigan. His ministry is  reaching 2nd generation South Asian Americans. “Last year, I met Himat. Through the course of the year, I mentored and encouraged Himat with the promises of God in the face of persecution from his non-believing family.”  Pray for Tom as he continues to mentor other believers and connect South Asian students to a new and authentic community that is focused on Jesus.


Marcia is working with students in Indianapolis. “I am most excited about pouring into students’ lives and seeing them grow into Christ-centered laborers. I want to see both my faith and the faith of students I meet with grow, especially in sharing the gospel with other people throughout the campus.” Pray for Marcia as she challenges students to a deeper walk with God.

20130413blog1Angela is heading to Ecuador. “I really learned a lot more about what it meant to trust God in all circumstances, recognizing He REALLY is in control of everything. If He wants something to happen He’ll make it happen! I’m most excited to meet students and help them grow in their walks with The Lord if I can.” Pray for Angela as she settles into a new country, gets to know students in Ecuador and has many opportunities to share the message of Jesus.


Kyle is working on Kristin’s team as a designer and on campus in Indianapolis. “I am really excited to serve both on campus and with the regional team where I will be able to see the Lord actively at work on campus while also using the skills/talents he has blessed me with in the office!” Pray for Kyle to have good balance as he serves in multiple locations.

We want to thank you as you play a direct role in helping us to mobilize and send these missionaries into the harvest field.  You play such a critical role, thank you!


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