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Here are a few more stories from the one-year missionaries we coached this summer.

601034_10151950130484815_534257720_nMarie is going to be a graphic designer at our World Headquarters in Orlando. “I grew most during the summer learning to trust in God’s complete control. At one point, I felt like the effort that I was putting in shouldn’t have been yielding the results that I was getting. God was completely faithful in affirming my decision to intern by providing support when I didn’t do as much work as I could have. He showed me how he really does have control of every situation no matter how much (or how little) I try to control it on my own.”

395765_10151882380059008_129681193_nAllie will be joining the team reaching out to the 100 campuses in Chicago. “While raising funds this summer, I was able to grow in ways that I didn’t think I would. This was the first time, other than summer project, that I had to rely on the Lord to provide financial support.   Raising $3,100 for summer project was nothing compared to raising my salary for a year. Not only did the Lord use this summer to grow in my trust of Him to provide my needs, but He also used this time to grow me in my trust of Him in everything in my life. I am most excited about being a part of launching a new movement at Roosevelt University. There are already many students who are stoked about Cru being on Roosevelt’s campus!”

205889_10150265344257701_323656_nJohn is working at our World Headquarters in Orlando. “I was able to really trust God because I realized the outcome of MPD was out of my hands. I also had an accelerated timeline to raise those funds because of a summer internship, so my trust in God definitely grew as I saw Him provide for me. I am most excited about using my skills and knowledge to further the Kingdom on a daily basis.  It will also be nice to grow spiritually while I am at work!”


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