Got plans?

What are you doing June 7th 2014… I believe it is a Saturday.  What? I know! With all that is happening this fall—students are back in school, weekends are full of football and Thanksgiving is less than two months away­—I can’t begin to think about summer.
But a couple weeks ago, I received copies of the 2014 Summer Project promotional materials my team and I created.  We have been working since February to create materials to recruit students for short-term missions project next year.

You have heard us speak at length regarding the mobilization of this generation of Cru students.  Just think about it, students who are hearing the gospel for the first time this fall will be joining with us next summer to take the Good News.

One such student is Jessica, a student at Roosevelt University in Chicago. This past week, she chose to place her faith in Jesus. Please pray for her as she begins to grow in her relationship with God.

Stories are coming in from all around the world, stories of changed lives as the message of the gospel is transforming the hearts of college student.

Here are some inspiring numbers from this summer: 3,147 students were sent around the world. They shared the gospel with 91,843 people! 5,250 People received Christ! Praise God for an amazing summer!

Join us in praying for the new believers, those who heard the gospel but weren’t ready to receive Christ yet and for the students who had a life-changing summer.

The new promo materials for next summer are already in students’ hands. Many will begin to contemplate a summer mission project during Fall Retreat as they hear about their friend’s experiences. Pray for them! Pray for June 7th and what God is going to do next summer in their lives.


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