Celebrating IndyCC 2013

As I reflect on this past Christmas, I think of time spent with family and friends, the food, and the giving and the receiving of gifts. More importantly, I am reminded of the tranquility of the manger, a small gathering of shepherds and wise men welcoming Jesus into the world.
Now picture 2100 students gathered to worship this same Lord and Savior for four days at the IndyCC conference.

_DSC4052“Words can’t explain the joy I had at IndyCC praying and worshiping God. I’m so blessed that God gave me the opportunity to go and not just know his love but to have a life-changing experience by seeing his love in so many different people.”

“I love being with so many like-minded people. There is a great sense of connection with everyone here!”

In addition to worshipping, many students shared their faith for the first time, and saw God uses them to touch the life of another.

  1. 2672 individuals had spiritual conversations with our students.
  2. Of those individuals, more than half of them had an opportunity to hear the gospel.
  3. As a result, 651 people want to get reconnected to church as a result of this one afternoon!

By working with neighborhood churches, we got to take the message of the gospel to the city of Indianapolis. 2100 students are unleashed throughout the neighborhoods of greater Indianapolis with a meal for a family in one arm and the transcending message of the gospel in the other.

students take boxes of food to people in need in Indianapolis.
Students take boxes of food to people in need in Indianapolis.

“I was so terrified to go share my faith. I was so scared to go talk to people and it was way out of my comfort zone. But after seeing God use me on the day of outreach, I want God to use me in the world.”

See the Lord move in this generation of college students! See their lives transformed as they follow Him and yield their lives unto Him! It’s simply amazing!


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