entering the major league

I love baseball. Even as I write this, I have a ball game on in the background. As spring training draws to a close and the season begins, a number of young stars are getting ready for their first time at bat in the major leagues.

Class of 2013-2014 One-Year Missionaries
Class of 2013-2014 One-Year Missionaries

For college students graduating this spring, they too are finishing up their “spring training” (college) and are preparing to join the major leagues of life. For many, they have taken great strides in their walks with the Lord and have developed their skills in evangelism, discipleship and living a Christ-centered life. The time has come. The time is now.

For 120 of these students, they have made a decision to join Cru as a one-year missionary. They will either be returning to their campus this fall, or they will be a part of a team traveling to one of our twelve partnership locations around the world. In doing so, they will be applying the skills they have learned and, with the gospel in hand, will minister to those in need of hearing it.

One of the joys I experience in ministry is the opportunity to connect with these applicants when they initially apply to Cru. As I read their applications, I see story, after story, after story of how the Lord has moved in their lives and how the Lord is calling them to give a year of their lives for the cause of the gospel. God is awesome. And the results are indeed Kingdom worthy:

“The Lord used me more than I could ever imagine this year and I can’t even remotely take credit for it.”
—Kyle, 1-year missionary

“To say God has been faithful would be an understatement. I have looked back on this year and have been so deeply encouraged with the ways that God has used me to serve his kingdom on campus and within our movement.” —Andy, 1-year missionary

“God has been using this year to stretch and grow me in so many ways that I will always be thankful for. From boldness in ministry, to the simple disciplines of living on my own, I am learning what I am passionate about, what my strengths are, and how to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit moment by moment. After 6 months in ministry I thought I would be an “expert” at full-time ministry, but more and more I am seeing how no one becomes an “expert”. We all just grow in depending on God more and more realizing we do not have the power to do anything without Him. I am in process now and I will be for the rest of my life, but that is okay… God still chooses to use us even though we haven’t ‘arrived’.”
—Addie, 1-year overseas missionary


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