Your investment is growing

Andy, Madi, Amanda, Bryce are just 4 of the 180 recent graduates who joined with Cru as full-time missionaries this summer. We loved connecting with them each week over dinner this summer.

This summer, we had the joy of watching Madi, Andy and Amanda join with Cru as full-time missionaries. They started out as students with Cru at schools in Michigan. Madi even became a Christian when she heard the gospel in her sorority through Cru. Kristin and I met them when they joined Cru as one-year missionaries. We invested in them and prepared them for their time on campus. Now, they have committed to serving long-term in reaching students with the gospel. We love that we got to walk with them through their initial training and now get to witness their next steps in serving God with Cru. Your investment is helping to turn students into Christ-centered laborers.

Meanwhile, Kristin is finalizing Cru’s 2015 Summer Missions marketing materials. 7 pallets of boxes were just taken to the post office filled with 415,000 marketing pieces (brochures, postcards, stickers, & bookmarks). We are already getting the word out for students to pray about their summer. Your investment is taking the message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

This fall, more than 150 laborers will return to their campuses or go overseas as one-year missionaries. These are recent graduates who have chosen to serve with Cru for the coming school year. Your investment is changing the face of college campuses.

You have been making an eternal investment in the lives of these college students through your prayers and financial giving for more than 17 years with me, and 14 with Kristin. We have been partnering together to Win, Build, and Send these students from their universities, and this investment is growing. Those lives are multiplying your prayers and giving by going all over the world themselves to Win, Build and Send others. If you are new to our team, welcome aboard and hold on to your hats, because this is what God is doing!


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