Recognizing the Good News


Last month we shared about Alicia responding to the Gospel in Chicago. This month’s story comes from one of our international partnership cities in a large country in south Asia.

JT is a recent grad and has spent the entire school year in this country working as a one-year missionary reaching out to college students. Here’s his story:

On March 20, I had the privilege of following up with three students I had done a spiritual interest survey with in early February. Their names are Harsh, Vivek, and Shubham.
Often in conversations with more than one student, a clear leader of the group emerges who tends to speak first and then everyone else adopts that person’s answers to questions (thus making it difficult to discern what anyone actually thinks besides this leader).
What I enjoyed about talking with these three is that they all thought for themselves and each independently engaged in the conversation. I could tell all three of them were very enthusiastic to learn about Jesus when I mentioned in small talk how I looked up to Jesus more than anyone else.
We started talking about the Gospel when Shubham, of his own accord asked, “Could you please tell me about Jesus’ life? Because I really don’t know anything.” At this, Vivek immediately interjected “Yeah. And please explain specifically why Jesus was crucified!” Talk about an easy transition to the Gospel! I really couldn’t believe it!
As I was explaining how much God loves everyone and what exactly Jesus did on the cross, they continuously peppered me with questions that intelligently engaged with the truths being explained. When I would answer each question by paraphrasing a relevant passage of the Bible they would say things like “Brilliant!” or “Makes perfect sense.” Soon they started phrasing their questions like, “Well, what does the Bible say about this?”
We eventually got to the point in the conversation where I explained to them that they each had to make personal decisions to place their faith in Jesus and receive the gift of salvation. I asked them if they would like to do this and Harsh looked up and said, “Obviously.” The other two nodded in agreement.
How beautiful it is when the Good News is recognized as good news!
All three of them prayed with me that day. Praise God for this amazing step of faith and these new brothers in Christ! I asked them if they would like to continue meeting up regularly to study the Bible and they were all excited to do so. The next week I was able to follow up with them, sharing about assurance of salvation and giving them the first Bible they had ever seen!

Kristin coached JT to raise the funds he would need to be sent to south Asia. I hope you are seeing the connection to you—because together, we are reaping a harvest for God’s Kingdom all over the world! Thank you for enabling us to serve God in this way!


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