Summer encouragement

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Almost every week, we hear stories of students lives changed by God as they attend a Summer Mission with Cru. Here is one encouraging story:

While on a Summer Mission with Cru, one night out on the boardwalk, my friend and I saw a college-aged couple sitting on a bench. We approached them, introduced ourselves, and started a conversation about their lives and beliefs.

We presented the Gospel to them and answered their multitude questions to the best of our ability. Then, they looked at each other, then at us with tear-filled eyes. They admitted that they had not been honoring God with their lives or choices.

In that moment, we were able to pray with them as they committed their lives to following Jesus.
Seeing broken hearts being redeemed and knowing these people were brought back into the arms of their Creator was by far the best part about the summer.”

THANK YOU for your continued partnership as we see lives transformed by the Gospel. Right now, Kristin is designing the materials to promote Summer Missions to next summer’s students. Thank you for your prayers for us and for them!


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