About John & Kristin

We believe that God uses college students to change the world.

College students are the future leaders of the world. They will hold the power of global influence in government, technology, media and acedemia for our future.

What would be different if each of these leaders had a personal encounter with Jesus while they were in college?

John’s Story

I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland and graduated from Kent State University in Ohio in 1995 with a degree in elementary education. I have been a staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1997 with Kristin joining me in 2000.

This past spring, I took on a new role with our Leadership Development Team shaping our summer projects to have the greatest impact in light of our overall vision, and maximizing the number of students involved in short and long term projects.

In the fall of 2007, doctors found a cancerous tumor in my right calf. I underwent two surgeries, radiation treatment and physical therapy.  I am currently three years down the road and have had clear check-ups.  I can honestly say that this experience has deepened my faith in Jesus Christ as I have been able to place my trust in Him and rest, even in the midst of the darkest hours.

I am a homebody at heart and enjoy spending quality time with Kristin and friends.  I also enjoy playing strategy games.  If you are in town or passing through, we would love to have you stop by.

Kristin’s Story

I was born and grew up in North Pole, Alaska. As a kid, I loved to play in the snow and do art projects. I learned to speak German while being an exchange student in Austria during high school. I attended college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where I majored in photojournalism and German. The very first week I was there, I met some people with Campus Crusade and immediately got involved. Through Campus Crusade, I learned what it meant to walk with God. This really revolutionized my life and changed what I thought my future would be about: I realized that God could use me and my gifts. I joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in 2000.

For my first 7 years with Campus Crusade, I was the primary graphic designer for the Great Lakes Region. I designed and created all of our media pieces for promoting conferences and student events. That experience has helped shape me and prepare me to lead an entire media & technology team called ZeroCanvas. My hope is that by creating relevant and innovative media, students will have their eyes opened to the gospel and the transforming power that Christ offers.

Personally, I like goldfish, sewing, photography, cooking, strategy games and Mini Coopers. I take a picture every day and post it on my photo-a-day blog at kristin2008.wordpress.com.