A New Financial System – Concur

To roll out a new ministry-wide financial system introducing a corporate credit card and online reconciliation tool, Concur. To retrain users after a system-wide overhaul, three years after initial implementation.

During the initial roll out, I visited with field teams throughout the region communicating the benefits of using Concur. I taught the basic features of the software using fun beach toys as props in order to help a non-financially skilled audience understand the nuances of Concur. I provided ongoing coaching as implementation of Concur system proceeded. Three years later, I provided insights based on user feedback to Cru’s Financial Services Group to help address needed changes for the version 2.0 roll out.

More than 400 staff within the Great Lakes Region received a corporate credit card and were equipped to use the Concur Financial system for reconciling their ministry related expenses. Staff felt confident reconciling their expenses online and were able to handle financial processes in a more timely manner. After the initial roll out, I worked with Concur representatives to create a more user-friendly experience.