Our Ministry

We love working with the students and staff of Campus Crusade for Christ and are excited about the work that God has called us to do. We are trusting God to truly reach people with the Gospel and change lives. Which is why we decided to spend the best hours of our days reaching college students for Christ.

The Lord has called us to a unique place and has blessed us with unique abilities. Through our work with the Great Lakes Regional Team we are enabling ministry to happen around the world.

John’s Ministry:

Summer Projects are the “bread and butter” of Campus Crusade’s mission. Student leaders are trained in Biblical concepts, developed in their walks with God, and mobilized to win people to Christ. Every year, nearly 600 students from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Ohio alone travel the globe to participate in Summer Projects.

John’s role is to help shape summer projects for the future so they have the greatest impact in light of our overall vision while maximizing the number of students involved in both the short and long term.

While on summer project, I was able to learn many different techniques for sharing the gospel. It was incredible to see how God worked through me each time we went out to share. I was able to take the skills I had learned through Project and lead one of my neighbors to Christ. I feel like the things I learned are deeper than something I just did for the summer, but skills that I will have the rest of my life. —David D. from Anderson University

Kristin’s Ministry

Kristin leads the ZeroCanvas team who creates and establishes better media and technology solutions for our staff and students.

Whether we are designing posters, banners, postcards, creating new campus websites or solving technology needs for our staff, God is using ZeroCanvas to enable ministry to happen.

ZeroCanvas does such a great job on the projects for Ohio State. The designs have exceeded our expectations and are a huge help to communicate the Gospel to students on campus.
—Campus Crusade staff member, Ohio State Univ.


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